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We aim to deliver brilliant solutions and provide you with an unrivaled advantage in learning all of your solar options and incentives.  We know that by pointing you in the right direction you can help us SAVE THE WORLD ONE HOME AT A TIME!

Founded in 2018, Coastal Solar Pros is recognized as a top Startup Accelerator in the Pacific Northwest. We believe in the power of knowledge and helping people feel confident about making the right solar decisions can truly have an impact on our world and in our pocket book. 

Our mission is to give home and business owners alike the tools and guidance to feel confident taking ownership of their energy.  To achieve this, we are backed by industry veterans who will help identify and pursue attractive opportunities with long-term potential. To learn more, contact us today.

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Our installers are all bonded and certified so that you can be assured that the process will go smoothly from start to finish. 

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Customer  Testimonials

It was easy … I dealt with Scott and he took care of everything for me inside and out … I would recommend him for all your solar needs.


I was so glad that I qualified for the promotions, it made it so easy. They even showed me where I had some previous damage and were able to fix it as part of the full process. I didn’t tell them but I got another bid for the work and they were still the best price. Thanks again to Coastal Solar Pros.

Rual Lim

I was referred by a friend and I am so glad that I had mentioned that I was thinking about going solar.  They made it very simple for me to make the change. Thanks so much Coastal Solar Pros, you name was spot on!

Frank Greene